Paris: I croissant it that way

Oo la la, one of my all time favorite cities. I can not express how much J’aime this place! Every time someone asks me about this city I can’t help but gush like I am describing Zac Efron in high school musical. This city is magical, the end.

First and foremost, the Eiffel tower is every bit as bewildering as it is in black and white femme fatale films. Go to it, let her call your name, go to the top, drink champagne when you get there. Make sure you do not miss it at night! IT SPARKLES. Watching it glisten, I temporarily forgot to think about where my next croissant was coming from.


This city has so much to do I have to bullet point to avoid rambling like an absolute fanatic:

  • Luxembourg gardens – watch the mini sailboats, have a picnic and day dream that this is your backyard.
  • Catacombs – creepy, but in a good way! Closed on Mondays
  • Louvre – must see, even the outside is awe inspiring, plus I heard Beyonce filmed a music video here?
  • Notre Dame – probably one of my favorite things, book a tour of the towers if you are really into stairs, get up close and personal with the gargoyles, you can see as far as the Eiffel tower. You can download an app once you are in Europe to book a time to climb the tower for free. IMG_0921
  • Day trip to Versailles – the train is very easy to navigate and it is worth the ride, see where Marie Antoinette lived, and what I wish my house looked like.
  • Moulin Rouge – when you’re there walk around and explore another part of the city

When you’re at the Louvre, there is an arc across from the iconic pyramid, fun fact, this arc lines up directly with the Arc de Triomphe, if you want to walk from one to the other you will walk down Champs Elysees and treat yourself to some seriously incredible window shopping, or maybe real shopping, I mean you’re in Paris after all.


As far as my favorite part of any trip goes, the food in Paris is incredible. Try escargot, duck served in so many ways, my favorite is filet, the Parisians even make duck pate something I would eat again (Try Canard & Champagne). Drink hot chocolate at Angelina (I wish I could take a bath in this drink for real) and eat macaroons at Laduree, and remember I never said this blog was about traveling on a diet. My last recommendation is to not book a flight out of an airport an hour outside of the city at 6am after drinking with friends who live in Paris. Parisians start their evenings slightly later than us and turns out there are a few airports “in” Paris, so book out of CDG.




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