Aja: A broad


Why did I decide to start a blog you may ask? For any who know me, know that the only thing I love more than my dog and Cher karaoke is traveling. That’s a lie, I love my dog more but you get the point. As I began to travel more in the last few years I frequently get texts or messages with friends asking for recommendations… I loved this so much I almost quit my nursing career to become a travel agent, but then 5 minutes passed and I thought a blog would be a safer life decision.

A little about me: I am a 28 year old nurse who works in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and when I’m not working, I pretty much hike, eat, speak way too loudly, and travel. My job can be as stressful and eye opening as much as it is awe inspiring and for that reason, I have used travel as a way to let loose and see the beauty in the world, I mean how could you not perk up while holding a gelato in Italy… I dare you to try this.

IMG_5573 (1)

Along with traveling out of the country I try to hit as many cities in the U.S. as possible, I haven’t been everywhere, but its on my list.

2 thoughts on “Aja: A broad

  1. Love it! as an expert what does it mean if the Trevi Fountain was closed when I was in Rome? That I have to go back? Thought so. Wanna go?! Need those Fiori fritti. DO LAKE COMO NEXT! Love you!

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